Water Air Conditioner 24V, ResfriAr S7I

Water Air Conditioner 24V, ResfriAr S7I

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Water Air Conditioner 24V, ResfriAr S7I 

  BETTER AUTONOMY AND MARKET PERFORMANCE. New 7 Series Roof Air Cooler with internal 12 liter water tank, developed to meet the most demanding levels of design and utility. Compact and modern, this product has components injected with the highest quality standard. Always thinking about meeting your needs and comfort, its installation and maintenance is so easy.

Technical data


Dimensions (H x W x L): 140 X 879 X 639 mm
Weight (Estimated): 16 kg (Weight without water tank and with supports)
Temperature Range: Reduction from 2°c to 8°c (Of internal temperature in relation to external)
Maximum Air Flow (m³/h): 24V = 520
Autonomy: 15 to 60 hours
Water Tank Storage Volume: 12 Liters (Internal water tank)
Average Water Consumption (ml/h): 200 to 800
Voltage: 24V
Peak Power (W): 24V = 194,15
Peak Current (A): 24V = 7,06
Minimum Consumption (A/H): 24V = 0,20
Maximum Consumption (A/H): 24V = 4,27
Fan Motor Rotation (RPM): 24V = 3980
Color: White/Black



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